Exchange Software For Sophisticated Traders
Trade From Anywhere Using The iOS & Android App
High Performance
End to end system throughput of million+ transactions per second
Institutional Grade
Dedicated RMS instances, personalised for institutional clients
Fort Knox Security
Secure signing of withdrawals by isolating private keys from nodes
99.9% Uptime
Highly scalable, distributed architecture that supports high availability
Rest API & Web Socket
Support for algorithmic trading using Rest API, Web Sockets & FIX API
Support For Derivatives
Levered perpetual & quanto contracts with ADL & liquidation engine

More Features

Reduced Transaction Fee
Made possible using batching of withdrawals
Dynamic Gas Price
Based on Ethereum network traffic
Customized Commissions
Create commission templates as you like
On Demand Data
Create full snapshots for backup
Real Time Notifications
Instant notifications for deposits/withdrawals
Blazing Fast Ticker Data
High frequency incremental market data
Easy Token Listing
Instant addition of ERC20 tokens
Instant Transactions
Horizontally scalable wallet layer
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